I love my little house. Even with her 125 amp, mostly ungrounded outlets, rough wood floors, well-hidden water leak, and the family of moles who moved into this lovely patch of grass the day we closed, I love her. She’s mine. Well, she’s kind of the bank’s, but the bank says she’s mine, so I’m going with that.

I love my house. Yesterday I met Jeremy the electrician and I followed him around like a four year old asking questions, “Why does it do that?” “What’s that for?” “Is that hot?” “Look at what I can do!”

I love my house, my little “off the grid” bungalow. Today I tried (again) to reach the plumber who has yet to give me an estimate on numerous projects, including the hidden leak. I’m a little low on the patience scale and I’m thinking it might be easier to install the shut off valve myself than wait for his estimate, which I’m feeling confident will be blown out of proportion. As it stands now, I’ll be walking down to the street shut off every night to turn on the water for a daily flush and a quick shower! Stay tuned…

I love my house. Sanding and finishing wood floors. Anyone? Bueller? I’ll keep you posted.

I love my house, and all creatures great and small. If the mole family needs to eat the grubs in my lawn this winter, I think I’ll just let them. Dan at Home Depot told me I could put Juicy Fruit gum in their home entrances and they will stop. At first I thought he meant the smell would chase them out (because I’m a nice person), then I realized he meant because they eat the gum and it clogs their intestines causing unbearable pain and suffering to the point of death.

I love my house, and Home Depot. My first adventure there was at least three hours long. I met Dan, Dean, Dave, and Dane (I nearly mixed them up with a few women I’ve had dates with: Deanna, Diana, Dana, Nadine). I’m not kidding (about either). Really. I wondered what letter night it would be the next night – because apparently three hours at Home Depot wasn’t enough.

I’m 44 years old. I’ve lived in my 625 sq ft apartment for eight years and five months. These are my final weeks of managing this 12-unit building, and my first weeks of managing the little green house that I love. I am repeating “I love my house” like a mantra because I must. It balances out the “WTH??? Where’s the LANDLORD?! I NEED THE LANDLORD!!” moments. Also because it’s true.

I’ve always loved working with my hands, so this is going to be an adventure! I learn by doing – and sometimes I do before I read all the directions or watch only two of the 9:37 minute YouTube DIY video. I’m going to work on that.

Follow me on the journey, laugh with me at the surprises and absurdities along the way and I’ll tell you what I learn. I’ll introduce you to people you’ll want to meet – and I imagine a few you shouldn’t.

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