uhaul-3What did the lesbian bring on her second date? Well… if it is a 20-ft U-haul, you should RUN!!

I called around, found the best deal. It seems a general policy that the 14-ft-ish trucks are the same price as the 17-ft-ish trucks. I went for the 17 – too much room is better than not enough, right?! Well, apparently my pick-up location was out of 17-footers, so I was upgraded to the neighborhood sized truck – the 20-ft U-haul. I thought I should have a special license to drive that thing! I almost put an ad on craigslist to see if anyone else wanted to move to Olympia. SO.BIG.

Just a hint, in case you’re moving too… They offer better deals on the phone than they have online. And if you tell them, “so-and-so offered this much”, they’ll be likely to match the price. It’s like an Ugandan Market out there.

I had eight friends helping me load and a friend from Bellingham who served as the official loading master of the monster truck. I had only one breakage – and that was due to what I’d call a poor box choice on my part. I’d say my friends and I did a more efficient job than a moving company! It was an economical move (~$125) with limited packing material waste. I did most of the packing myself, and fragile items were wrapped with clothing, or the limited supply of packing bubbles/bubble wrap I had on hand, all reused and most re-re-usable. And let’s just say… well, I had some mad storage skills at my old place because that 20 ft U-haul truck was FULL!

The move is done. I spent days cleaning my old apartment – making for a rather memorable Christmas! OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder) kicked in at some point and it was really a move-in cleaning, not a move-out cleaning, which the landlord appreciated. I did force a break for Christmas celebrating with friends. I’m now in the midst of the real move-in cleaning, with the break for New Year’s Eve celebrations with friends. OCD has once again found an outlet and my new jingle is, “If there’s gonna be grime, it’s gonna be mine!”

The boyz (my cats) are adjusting well. We did have an incident the second night where Maluco saw a light reflection in a window about 20 feet away, took a stance on the bed, growled, stood VERY still for a full minute plus, and then forcefully CHARGED under the sheets to the bottom of the bed. A true “scaredy cat” moment. The growling had me fooled. I may need a dog after all.

I’m in the midst of finding places for items that filled a 20-foot U-haul (unbelievable) so I’m going to get back to it, but I wanted to be sure you didn’t think I took the truck and nested somewhere. Seriously… watch out for the lesbian with the U-haul!

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